I am looking for a script / batch file for installation of the ZENworks agent without reboot of the workstation.

I am just updating from ZfD 7 SP1 ir3a to ir4 and if I install it manually and start the ZENworks services after install everything is still operational without reboot.

However if I install the agent with a ZENworks application package it always needs a reboot to activate the ZENworks services again - especially the Workstation-Manager

I tried it with pre- and post launch and distribution scripts, and with batch file installation. Everytime when the Workstation-Manager stops the installation ends but the post-scripts and batch processing stops as well. It always requires a reboot to activated the Agent again - or a manual start of the Workstation-Manager service.

I need to find just a way to call a batch file after the MSIEXEC process finishes in order to perform a "net start Workstation-manager".

The difference to other invoronments might be, that the Application is assigned to the Workstations instead to the users like in most other environments.

Thanks for your ideas, Klaus