I have a Netware 5.1 SP7 server that is running BM 3.5 SP2. I want to
upgrade to Netware 6.5 and BM 3.8. I am trying to upgrade to BM 3.8 first,
but am running into problems. I have all of the minimum requirements met to
upgrade except for having BM 3.6. I removed the BM 3.5 entry in the
products.dat by using uinstall at the console. Everything seems to copy fine
on the BM 3.8 install until at the very end I am getting -603 errors when it
is trying to create NMAS and license objects. I have used this procedure
before, on 3 other servers, without too many problems, but I am not sure how
to proceed on this one. Seems like I was getting some of these same errors
when upgrading to eDIR a few months back. I have everything working for now
after restoring from a backup but would like to figure out how to upgrade.
Would it work at all to upgrade to NW 6.5 first then upgrade to BM 3.8 after
that or will I run into similar problems going that route?