I read the issue on the SurfControl update (July, 8th) and the answer from

I had this problem several weeks ago with the update proces.The proces
stopped months ago (as I know now). I changed the preallocation parameter
according to TID 10076512 and it took more than 2
days to catch up. I followed the update proces by watching the
sys:etc\cpfilter directory.
After catching up, the update proces runned daily for a couple of weeks
without problems, until now.

The update proces now runs out of diskspace on my SYS volume.
I used the default 4 GB as also advised in Craig's book.
The free space is 1.3 GB but it's not sufficient during the update proces.

The server is a dedicated BM 3.8 box on Netware 6.5.5. It has 3 NIC's (1 for
Services: forward proxy, SurfControl, C2S VPN (4 users with certificate
authentication), static and dynamic NAT, filtering.
Hardware: Proliant DL360 (G1), 2GB, 2 x 18 Gb (RAID1).

I want to replace the server with a DL360 (G3) with 2 x 36 Gb (RAID1).

To avoid issues at the client side, I want to keep IP-adresses the same.
I know how to backup the proxy rules, inetcfg configuration etc, remove
server from the tree and recreate it.
I did that before upgrading from BM 3.6 to BM 3.8, but I than added all the
filters manually using iManager and I didn't use VPN on the 3.6 box.

Can I copy the CPFilter directory to retain the SurfControl database
(updated until June) or do I have to reinstall SurfControl and ask
SurfControl for an updated database?
How about the filter definitions in eDir and the VPN certificates?
Is there a better way to do this replacement?
I appreciate your advice.