As our existing BM server is getting a little long in the tooth we are
planning to relegate it to less critical duties and to replace it with a new

The plan is to copy all the Access Rules as per and to
backup the filters using FILTSRV_BACKUP_FILTERS. We will then stop BM and
remove the license.

On the new build the interfaces will have the same names as the current IFs
(Private and Public) and it will be installed into it's own OU. After
installing BM the Access Rules will be pasted back in and the filter backup

Should this work? Is there a better way of doing it given that we only have
one BM server license? Once the new system is up and running we will
uninstall BM from the old server but not until the new one checks out Ok.
All BM config pages will be screen shotted before we do anything just in

This is all on NW6SP5 with BM37SP3 FP4E