Two questions: All six servers are Netware 6.5 SP6 with eDir I am preparing a migration (physical, identity) to OES 2 SP1 Linux. One of the servers in my tree does not have a SYS:/SYSTEM/embox folder or embox.nlm. It would appear that this was somehow not installed with the last migration or update.

How do I install it, or what do I reinstall to resolve this? I want to merge a partition into the root.

Second: I will need to install SP7 or SP8, and then install eDirectory 8.8, I am contemplating going with 8.8.5... Do I need to spend the weekend updating eDir on all six servers, or will eDir 8.7 and 8.8 work together for a week?

I have the documentation and am reading that I will need to deploy an NMAS update to my Windows workstations - which leads me to wonder if this is an all-or-nothing proposition.

Sigh -- deploy an NMAS update to 168 workstations.

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