hello y'all,

the people that are creating a web-based application for us are
recomending a two-host screened-subnet firewall. We have been hiding
happily behind BM 3.6 for years (after much help from these news
groups), but are willing to consider this.

What I am hoping to get from this post is suggestions on links, books,
etc., that would take me through this, and better educate me. After I'm
wrassling with the alligators I'll promise to come back with more
specific questions.

After a little browsing of the internet I have read that people recomend
two different firewall applications for this kind of setup. The existing
BM server could be the internal or external wall. I was thinking of Suse
for the other wall.

The eventual goal, I gather, is for their web-app server (running on
Suse), and our web and mail-servers to sit on the subnet in between the
firewalls. Oh, and wouldn't you know, we are using Exchange server for