I just wanted to setup border manager in my test environment. After I
installed Netware 6.5 SP5 I installed BM 3.8 and after that SP3 and SP4 of
BM. So far so good. Now I have some questions about the default gateway. As
you can see in the attached file (jpg) my BM server has two nic. One with a
local (private) address and another with a public (fixed) address (e.g. The Lancom router in my network grafic is not in my test
environment. So I connected the BM with the public nic directly to the cisco
router. Now, I could ping several IPs from the server console but I'm not
able to ping the internet from a client in the LAN. I guess the default
gateway and the static route is not correct. Can somebody help?

Thanks for your answers.