This last week we have been having some hard to trace issues with our ZCM 10.2 setup.

One thing that seems related (& used to work before, but now does not) is when trying to reflect agent status or push actions to the workstations (mainly refresh of device or policies) from ZCM's webadmin interface. This consistently fails. Looking at the webadmin device info, all workstations (even freshly imaged) report the status ' Unable to connect...'.

We have upgraded our setup two weeks ago from 10.1.3 to 10.2. The upgrade itself went without issues & I'm not sure if the server>agent problem was there before the upgrade. I am sure that refresh actions worked without issue about a month ago.

I've checked DNS resolving. As far as I can tell it's working correctly on the ZCM server and workstations... this all seems a-ok (forward and reverse lookups work correctly).
the ZCM primary can ping the workstations fine, remote control also works.. the refresh action however returns ' connection failed ' .

All workstations are running XP SP3 (fully MS-patched up), running 10.2 agents.
ZCM is connected to the eDirectory (Netware 6.5 and OES2 mix) and running on a Windows 2003 R2 SP2 server. A healthcheck on our eDirectory shows us there are no issues in the eDir.

Possibly since the 10.2 upgrade & might me connected to this issue: Users sometimes report they need a full workstation restart before seeing new bundles assigned to them (refreshing through the Zen icon does not present the bundle icon)..

There is no firewall running on the server, workstation or network in between.


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