I'm trying to install BM 3.6 Enterprise on a new Netware 6.5 server. It
is slated to replace an aging system now running the BM software. Soon
after it begins copying files it fails with a fatal error stating that the
Tree in not initialized yet. Here is a portion of the ni.log

Object: Driver@1d2068d
Fatal: ProfileException error caught in getRootProductNode
Object: Driver@1d2068d
Fatal: (com.novell.application.install.ProfileException) Tree not
Object: Driver@1d2068d
Fatal: com.novell.application.install.ProfileException: Tree not
initialized yet...
at com.novell.application.install.Profile.getTopOfTre e
at com.novell.application.install.Driver.getRootNode
at com.novell.application.install.Driver.selectTree
at com.novell.application.install.Driver.run(Driver.j ava:902)
at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:534)

Object: images.ZipImage[,0,0,0x0,invalid]
Informational: Found:

Fatal errors 3
Recoverable errors 0
Unknown errors 0
Warnings 1
Informational messages 17
Total logged messages 21
*** Close log 07/20/2006 11:11:14 CDT ***

Any ideas??