Hi , im wondering if someone has some experience moving documents ..

i had created a library on the 23rd .. call it library A
ive inserted some documents and added users whom have right to do everything to move their documents over from library 1 to library A
( reason for move is that groupwise was slow over 60.000 records in a library)

tested the users and everything was ok !.. documents of its authors could open , rename , copy remove etc ..

so the users started moving documents .. however someone stumbled on this :

a user moved a document to another library , move was sucessfull , however with the next gwckeck run ( same day23rd on 22:00 ) the poa deleted the document in the new library .. i didnt have a backup yet of that library .. because it was newly created .. ( my backup starts @ midnight)

the user isnt author of the document , has made a new version and edited it since 2004 .. now .. both the user and the author still exist ...

the document cannot be opened , because its saying that it was deleted from the poa .. i do not have a backup of the document ( recent enough )

the quickfinder indexes where deleted and re-created .. AFTER the document move ..

what i do have is the new document number version ( 104) but i dont know the old location .. ( well i do , you can check this on the document version info log) however the document is not there ..

anyone got an idea how to get the document back ? besides restoring from tape .. ( since it moved sucessfully) im pretty sure something has to do with a rebuild .because it still displays only not on the right place ...