I'm getting a similiar/same issue as in TID# 7002259

Cached login fails when Network unavailable due to case sensitivity of cached username

In that if the PC's are disconnected from the network then the Zenworks login box appears and will not logon so the only option is to cancel. It doesn't matter in what form I input the username upper or lowercase or any combination.

It doesn't matter if it is loggging on with AD cached credentials or as a local user.

The codes in the zenlgn.log are the same

ZenLgnLogin returning 197984258
Passive Login Failed: 0x0BCD0002

as are the username messages

My UserNameZenTest2
username : zentest2

Using 10.2 Agent and Server (this was supposed to be fixed in 10.1.3).

This problem makes it a royal pain to use on laptops. I'm having to keep them on Zen 7 as that works as advertised.

Are there any bodges, hacks or even an official fix that will resolve this.