Hi again!
One ahead question (I'm not so far, yet). In Altiris Notification Server 6 was also added retirement option (in 5 wasn't), but it was anyway connected to device name. So, for instance, we have machine naming policy a'la department abbreviation and number, for example, AK_07. When machine is gone (for any reason, including moved to another department etc., renamed etc.) then for me as admin is good to have hardware info of that machine under this name, so, I retire this machine. Very well. And then build new machine/device (if needed) under same name, no need to leave blanks. But, in Altiris, I mentioned, wasn't possible to add machine under same name even when old one was retired! So, I wonder, have ZENworks this kind of limitation? Too bad, when it does! =)
I understand when same (duplicate) name(s) does not appear in active list, but it can/may/could appear on both at same time and incl. several in retired list. Make this any sense? For me it does.
More thanks, Alar.