Hi ZENWorkers!

I'm using ZDM7 SP1 IR3a on Linux and Wiindows XP Client Agents are on the same Patch-Level.

Almost all Applications that use installation-sources (fil-files i.e.) are load-balanced and fault tolerated. Everything works fine! The macro %SOURCE_PATH% does his job.

B U T :
Creating one new application without load-balancing and fault-tolerance activated (using only one source) gets weired.
This application cannot find his sources - complaining it cannot copy files from [the source_path of the application before].
Seems like application launcher does not recognize that the last application already finished and remembers this last source_path although a new source_path should be set.

This all only happens, when there is at least one load-balanced application taking place before the new one which is without load-balancing.

I know, this is perhaps difficult to understand - therefore the jpg as an attachment!!
Can anyone reproduce this or help?