NOWS SBE uses proxy userids with generated passwords to launch iManager from the Simba GUI. The particular userid/password depends upon the specific task to be performed. In my case this never worked. This is the error message I get:
(Error -669) An invalid password was used, authentication failed, one server tried to synchronize with another one but the target server's database was locked, or a problem exists with the remote ID or public key.
My workaround was to manually logon to iManager as "sbsadmin" each time I got the error.

I finally decided to open a Service Request (SR) with Novell Technical Support (NTS). During the course of my investigation, this is what I learned. NOES SBE stores the generated userids in a container with the same name as the system's hostname...

Organization:(<organization name>)
edirectoryProxy groupwiseProxy ifolderProxy iprintProxy sambaProxy usergroupProxy
edirectoryProxy groupwiseProxy ifolderProxy iprintProxy sambaProxy usergroupProxy

When I pointed this out to the NTS eDirectory support person, his response was "Of course that will never work. Why do you want to use proxy userids anyway?"

Once again, I'm amazed at the apparent lack of quality control that this product exhibits and cannot understand how something like this could go undetected during product testing, assuming any was done.

My attempts to deal with issues like this by opening an SR have been hit and miss. For example, this was seen to be an eDirectory issue. NTS has been helpful in finding workarounds where possible but I've never seen a TID or any other public document to alert NOWS SBE users of potential issues nor have I seen any indication that the NOWS SBE team and/or developers have even been notified.

So, what's the purpose of this post?
  1. To make the NOWS SBE team aware of the issue.
  2. A warning to other users who may consider deploying a second server.
  3. To solicit comments from other users and provide feedback to Novell.
  4. To vent my own frustrations.
  5. To possibly find a better workaround.