Click thru all the screens and kick off the verification stage. Some message flashes by very quickly then I see "Validating Linux RPM's". It goes no further. Clicking Stop to close that process results in "Shutting down verification (Please be patient)". It's frozen - even over the weekend. The only way to end it is the launch the task manager (3-finger salute) and kill the task.

SCMT 1.2 running on WinXP w/Client 4.91 sp3
FS-1: Netware 6.0 sp5
FS-2: NOWS SBE 2.0 64 bit (not sure exactly what version of OES 2), NSS is deployed on its own disk, Dell PowerEdge server w/hardware raid. Samba deployed, admin is LUM enabled. Everything in TID7001767 checks out. I used smp (?) instead of default when installing NSS because that's what the boot option pointed to.

I've run into some other issues with NSS and related on the 64 bit server so that's a guess but I don't know where to look. What exactly is it verifying?

I'll try the 32 bit version and see if I have the same problems. (Used 32 bit in a virtual test enviro with no problems.)