Hi there,

I'm in the process of planning a corporate roll-out of ZCM 10.2
(Currently in Pilot mode). I'm hoping to make contact with any
successful implementers of large scale ZCM 10.2 deployments (Lets say,
greater than 1000 workstations (Note: We'll be deploying to 11,500+

The configuration I'll be implementing is as follows.

4 Primary servers + a Reporting Server behind a Layer4 switch, connected
to an Oracle 10g or MSSQL 2005 database. Some sites will also have
multiple satellite servers which will also be behind layer4 switches or
for smaller sites, a single Satellite server will be put in place.

We'll be running SLES 10sp2(64 bit) on Compaq DL360g5 rack-mount servers
(Dual Quad-core (2.66GHz) with a minimum of 4GB of memory) and 410GB
(Raid-5) for /var/opt directory to host the content repository.

Has anyone had any experiences with the Layer-4 configurations for ZCM
10.x with Cisco switches (CSS switches or other)?

Has anyone else done an analysis of traffic for the overheard related to
the deployment of policies, bundles and remote management that they
would be willing to share? Novell doesn't have any documentation related
to this and won't for some time.

Thank you.