I too am having to bump up the CDB_PREALLOC_SIZE setting every few
weeks. Mine's up to 600 now and no end in sight. I'm starting to get
worried. The server has 1GB total RAM. As the PREALLOC number goes up, I
assume something has to go down, and I observed that the Total Cache
Buffers dropped from 29,000 to around 20,000 when I did the latest
bump-up. Two questions: 1) Am I indeed going to hit a limit pretty soon
and not be able to increase the PREALLOC number anymore and still have a
working server? (assuming I cannot increase the total RAM on the
motherboard) 2) Will upgrading to version 6 of SurfControl alleviate
this problem? I'm still on 5.02, and I understand that going to 6 will
give me 10 more categories; but will it impact the RAM situation in any
way (for better or for worse)?

Details if needed: NW6.0SP5, BM37.