We upgraded from Groupwise 6.5 to 7 at Christmas holding off on GW8 as we'd heard some possibly issues around DMS (we use this a lot).

However, I'm now being pushed as the iCal support in GW7 is pretty naff and as I understand the following issues are now resolved with it in GW8: Exchange (ical) 'neverending' appointments are handled better (ie. single response to accepting or denying multiple dates), Updated Exchange 'ical' appointments _do_ update rather than duplicate and Deleted appoints are removed correctly.

If we don't get these ical/exchange issues sort PDQ then the horrible vision of migrating to Exchange starts to come over the horizon, most of our customers and suppliers use Exchange and we have hundreds and thousands of appointments coming in and out. I'm email filtering accepts and declines coming out of groupwise at the minute so they don't get _any_ notifications.

However, all of the above is no good if DMS has issues, or GW stability is compromised. We run GW 7.0.3 on NW 6.5.8 at the minute and don't really have plans to migrate to Linux unless pushed, everything is rock solid (touch wood) at the minute.

Opinions/Hints/Suggestions welcome.