Lazy because I'm sure I could find it in documentation somewhere, but it
should be an easy question for someone to answer.

We have Small Biz 6.5 which comes with BM. We simply want to be able to
force a login and log remote access to our network. I'm not talking
about SMTP or WWW (for instance). Rather I'm talking about RDP (terminal
server) access. In specific: can BM do the following:

1) Require you to login to eDir (somehow) before allowing an RDP proxy
2) Log the IP address; time connected and disconnected; and username for
said remote session?

I 'spose I'd like to know also if the eDir login and the logging can be
done for a generic TCP proxy (like PCAnywhere ports).

Note that I'm not wanting a VPN (unless that's the only way to do this).

Thank you

Ted Kumsher