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Thread: Remote Control Ticket - Manual

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    Remote Control Ticket - Manual


    at the moment I'm in the development of our own Remote Control interface for ZCM 10. The current ZCM interface is overkill for our end users.
    (Remember the 'worldfamous' Holger Dopp application WsBrowser? ;) )

    Got everything working smoothly, except the fact it's all password based. We don't want to share just one password to our users. While doing some research, I noticed Zenrights based remote control, as performed by ZCM10, is actually a 'ticket' which is created on-the-fly by ZCM. This ticket is valid for 2 minutes and passed to the nzrViewer.exe application.

    Is there a way I can request a remote control ticket by hand? (XML request from a trusted entity?)


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    Re: Remote Control Ticket - Manual


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    Re: Remote Control Ticket - Manual

    Hi. How you do that with password ? Did you find a way with manual ticket?

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    Re: Remote Control Ticket - Manual

    ZCM 11 SP1 will contain some APIs for this type of stuff.
    I don't have any details, but if you are the programming type they
    likely will be useful.

    On 5/26/2011 4:06 PM, techmv wrote:
    > Hi. How you do that with password ? Did you find a way with manual
    > ticket?

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    Re: Remote Control Ticket - Manual

    is there a way to put the password in command line? without prompt?

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