Hi guys, this is my first post here and I'm new to Zen so please bear with me.

I am trying to take an image from a managed device. I have set the work to do in the management console and it shows up as a job in the device's scheduled work. I have the daemon running on the server and pxe enable on the client. When I boot the client, the imaging menu appears and I choose to start zenworks imaging. The blue ZENworks Imaging splash screen appears, stalls for a while then the blue imaging program starts, albeit very briefly. It seems to immedaiately quit out of the imaging program and display and black screen which states amongst other things "No work to do" then reboots.

If I choose imaging maintenance from the boot menu then img from the bash prompt the imaging program starts. I try F9 to look for work and get the same "No work to do" message.

If I manually create an image I can successfully create an image.

I have no idea where to go from here, can anyone help?

Thanks in advance.