We were installing ZRS 10.2 into our ZCM 10.2 system remotely over a vnc connection. The connection got interrupted and has now really screwed up our ZRS install. We first tried to run the installer again but it wouldn't run saying that it was already installed. So we then tried to run the zrsuninstall to uninstall and start fresh. Of course that then said that ZRS wasn't installed!

Then we tried manually removing files associated with ZRS so the installer would run. It appeared to work because the installer runs and says it is successful. However when it restarts the Zen services it says it isn't configured.

I'm attaching the install log if anyone can help figure out what exactly is failing. This isn't mission critical but we are deploying this on a test server with plans of taking it live to replace our zen 7 system.

The only thing I can see is line 115 says it installed and then 116 says it failed. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you