I have a DL 360G5 server with 6 drives and I want to install
NSS on this server and SLES 10 SP2.

From previous posts, it was recommended to create 2
logical volumes and install regular SLES 10 SP2 on one
volume and after installing OES2 SP1 on this server, create
NSS volumes on the second logical volume.

Just to clarify, for the DL360G5 server, does this mean
I have to create 2 logical volumes:

1st Logical Volume: 2 drives (Mirrored)
2nd Logical Volume: 4 drives (RAID 5)


1st Logical Volume: 3 drives (RAID 5)
2nd Logical Volume: 3 drives (RAID 5)

Then install the SLES on the 1st logical volume?

If I configure the storage as RAID 5 for the 6 drives then
it will just be 1 volume and I need to use EVMS right?

Joe (Marton) recommended not to do that so just to confirm do
I set it up as above with 2 logical volumes?

(I did a test server with 2 SATA drives and did it as above and
it worked perfectly! Now I want to do the same thing on this
DL360G5 server).

Thanks in advance!