Hello all,

I have a quick question to ask. To give a little background info on our environment, I setup a SLES10 SP2 box running PXE & TFTP. Right now the box serves SLES10 SP2 using PXE via Remote HTTP Install and that works flawlessly. As a little project, I decided to also put the Zenworks 7 Boot CD files in the TFTPboot/Zenworks folder. The problem I am having is when I get to the PXE menu, I type in Zenworks and it starts to load the initrd and the linux files. After that is successful, it starts to load but eventually pops up stating to make sure CD1 is in the drive. Now I know I will most likely have to edit a few files but I was wondering if anyone else had attempted to try PXE booting Zenworks from another server besides the Zenworks server? All help is appreciated.