We have a Netware 6.0 server with Brdr Mgr 3.7 and a main Netware server
running 6.5. I recently changed some static nat mappings and some
filters to accommodate a new computer that will be filtering the
incoming email. What is weird is that it seems to have affected Client
Trust, it could be coincidence but not sure. What is happening is that
after people login and then try to go to an Internet website they get
the Brdr Mgr authentication page which says, You are already logged in.
Of course you have still to supply your credentials to get to the
Internet. If I run, downtrust, and then, client trust, it will then work
as it should. I have also started bumping up the time allowed for
authentication on the brdr mgr setup page, authentication configuration
, in nwadmin and stopped at 7 seconds. It bothers me that this has
apparently changed for no reason I can see. The filtering and nat
changes should not have done this, that I can see. Any ideas?