Hi All

I cant find any modern problems relating to this. Basically we are a
campus with 2000 and XP. The 2000 machines have no problem at all with an
older version of clntrust (from Bm3.7 sp3) but the xp machines will not
work reliably (even with the latest bm3.8 sp4 clntrust or v1.5 for that

Symptoms are:- clntrust makes the request when you open the browser but
the authentication takes ages (2-3 mins), if you double click the
clntrust key you get no response from the key until such time it bursts
into life and at that point ssl authentication has gone ahead. And
everything works until authentication times out.

This happens on every single build of XP we have, on a variety of
machines. I cant believe noone else is having this!, i have checked out
craig johnsons tips on clntrust but i cant see any that apply to my
particular case (other than try every version from every patch and find
one that likes Dell PC's!).

If anyone can shed any light it will be really appreciated.

Many thanks