dear all,

it seems that there is a problem setting up bm 3.8 vpn c2s within the
environment mentioned above.
the sequence is as follows:
setting up nw65 sp5 (overlay)
installing 3.8; infos that there are problems with imanager plugins, apply
bm38sp4 afterwards.
opening imanager, finding a message that not all plugins are installed but i
can initiate a reinstall from imananger, works well !
started to initiate the vpn-server and c2s - everything seems to run well
but i can't see a vpntunnel-"board" nor the plugins for the nrm ?!
i first saw this behavior in an esx virtual machine but it also happens in a
current hp dl380 g?

is nw65 sp5 no good for bm 3.8 / do i have to apply patches again (sp5) in a
certain sequence.

any help is appreciated.