I have new Dell Optiplex 760 models and am having issues when coming out of a restored image. I built my base image (XP Pro), sysprepped the box and booted to a Zen CD. I run the img command and am able to Make an Image. storing the image on an attached USB drive. I then change systems, boot to the same CD, run the img command, and restore the image from the USB drive to the new system. All these processes work as expected without error. After reboot of the new system I get nothing but a black screen with a blinking line in the upper right-corner of the screen. It never launches mini-setup or anything for that matter.

I can puch the image BACK to the original system that the image was taken from, but not any other sytems. It seems like the image is "locked" to that specific workstation.

I have used this same process for years on all sorts of models. This new Dell (we purchased 50) is having this behavior.

Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance.