HP Machines/ Novell Client/ XP PRO

For some time, manually booting via PXE and setting up a multicast in the bash prompt has worked quite well although I have once again wanted to try and get auto sessions setup on the server and working via console one.

Now I have even followed the how to! haha and still cant seem to get this to work although I believe my issue lies somewhere between the network boot/ DHCP request and the PXE boot menu.... not in the permissions and image setup on the server in CS1.

DHCP happens to reside on the imaging server and is functioning, standing by the machine and holding the CTRL+ALT after the DHCP server gives me my address will display the IP, Subnet, Gateway details etc.. and show the Zenworks 5.6 menu. All good.

Now if I leave this process, ie.. normal boot up, here is where I think the issue lies. Normal boot up gets to the DHCP details and without any interaction or auto image servers setup it goes through the;

Auto Select: ZENworks boot.

Shows the IP, Subnet, gateway details etc... Then;

Action: LocalBoot
ZENworks shutting down...
PXE-M0F: Exiting HP PXE ROM.

It's almost as if without any help it's default is to try and boot Zenworks, fails, then continues to local boot. Strange seeming it should local boot by default? I can't remember/ find the ZENworks logs in XP, anyone let me know so I can post one up, hopefully make it clearer for some.

Thanks for the time to read!