Hi, all

Today I meet a problem when try to restore the GW account/mail from GW7 PO(restore) to GW 8 PO (online).

The current OS on server is NW 6.5 SP8 + GW 8

What I have done:

1. restore the whole GW7 PO from tape into the vol2 (same partition as the online PO), there is no error shows from the BE restore log.

2. assume the restored PO folder name is 'GW7', I grant the full access to this folder for myself (also the user auth in C1), then open C1 -> select current PO -> recover deleted account -> Point to restore DB file from GW7 folder-> select the account that I want to restore -> the user info shows normal -> click recover -> then I got 'Error 672', failed trying to commit the changes, The client does not have sufficient rights to complete the requested operation. For servers, this error in DSTRACE means that the replica list for the taget server does not match the replica list for the source server. -> but it will show the account restoreed successfully.

3. I can see/open both the NDS/PO object properties which restored to the current online PO/eD. and the restore location in GW tab of the user also same as the one that I have set in restore area (point to the restored GW7 PO path and the desired restore membership). of coz, the restored user account will have the full rights to 'GW7' PO folder as well.

4. Then I login to the restored user mailbox via GW7 client, found the usermailbox is empty. I try to connect to 'backup' mode, but it will give 'GroupWise error d057' TCP/IP default failed, nothing else tried'. then I point the PO(GW7) directory manaully, will give 'GroupWise error 8209, the path to the file is invalid and the file does not exist. Specify a valid path and file name'

5. the restored user mail account is functional, can both send and receive in current online PO.

I was wondering why it will shows insufficient rights when restore the GW account from the PO of GW7?

Anyone can help on this? Thanks in advance.