I have run into two problems with the BM 3.9 sp2 installation that I need to
fix ASAP.

Problem 1: We have several users that VPN into partner offices with ipsec /
L2TP connections. These worked up until the time we installed service pack
8 for NetWare and service pack 2 for BorderManager. What has changed? How
hard will it be to reverse the changes (roll back to sp 6 for NW and sp 1
for BM)?

Problem 2: EIP in CPFILTER.NLM - per TID 7002823 there is an "internal"
ACLCHECK.NLM that can be requested. I sent an email to support requesting
the NLM but it has been several days and no response. Is there another way
to get the NLM? Or is the roll back from problem #1 going to be the answer
here as well?