recently I had a very strange phenomenon while using iFolder to sync simple text files (LaTeX files to be exact, but they are plain text files).

I was using two workstations to work on the files, while it was ensured enought time passes between work for iFolder to synchronize the changes.

What now happened was that iFolder overlooked some changes. One example was just a change of an 'o' to an 'O'. It was just not synchronised. Both machines reported the folder as fully in sync, but the files were different as a file compare (over memory stick) proved.

Further iFolder messed up several PDF and PS files which were generated by LaTeX... Not what I would expect of a tool which I want to rely on...

Anyone got an idea what is going wrong?



both Clients, Windows XP, iFolder Client
Server OES2, Xen virtualized, iFolder Server
Special: Clients are at UTC+8, while server is at UTC+2