Our new multipurpose will scan documents to email addresses. We're
using SBS 6.5 fully patched behind a second server running BM 3.8. It
seems there are two questions:

1. What changes to BM need be made to send emails from the machine
externally? For instance, do I need a filter exception for the internal
IP address of the machine, and if so, how should it be?

2. For internal addresses, i.e., user@company.com, where user has a GW
6.5 account, what needs to be configured to send the mail to the GW
server; in other words, how is GW accessed internally from a non-GW
source? For instance, could I send a message internally from Outlook to
the GW system, and if so, how? Can we avoid involving the BM server?
Do I have to use the external address, mail.company.com? I know this
may be a hybrid question, part BM and part GW, but any ideas would be
most appreciated.