We recently re-addressed the public interface of a BMgr 3.8 sp 4 server (OS
NetWare 6.5 sp5) using NRM. We changed all filters and tested access
including proxy. All seemed to test fine.

Users began to report 403 forbidden and 504 timeout issues. Connections
were intermittent and folks were getting disconnected from websites. In
troubleshooting the issue we found that the value for the IP address in
NWAdmin, Details of the BMgr server, BMgr Setup had not been changed when
we made the change in NRM. After we made the change, things seemed to clear

Is this value still used by BMgr 3.8?

Would the fact that the value had not changed cause intermittent issues? I
would have thought that things would have either worked or not.

(Also there had been some issues with the new ISP...is it more likely that
the intermittent connectivity was due to the ISP?)

Any info you can give would be greatly appreciated.