Hi everyone!

I've got a very perplexing situation going on. This past Monday at around 11am, our GWIA has started abending frequently (as in 20+ times a day) on the IMAP SSL threads. The abend is always on a GWIMAP-SSL-Handler_# Process. I'll post one of the abend.log files at http://admin.millikin.edu/~cmyers/ABEND_3.LOG if anyone wants to check it out.

I can't find any correlation between the abend time and what's in the gwia log file at the time (even with it on verbose.) Also, I can connect to it fine after a server reboot and it will sync without abending. I'd set up a packet capture on a span port on our core switch, and didn't find a correlation between IP addresses or users there either.

I have run openssl s_client -connect mail.millikin.edu:993 and it gets the ssl certificate fine; the certificate is a real one and was recently renewed (the week before all the problems started.)

The abends are not equally spaced out, otherwise I'd suspect a particular device that was causing the problem.

Other than the new SSL certificate, nothing has changed on the server, it's been running like a champ except for the random problems with Java unloading because of the WebAccess problem (which I'm working with Novell on trying to troubleshoot since there are a number of people having the same problem.)

We're NW 6.5 SP7 (with all applicable post-SP patches) and GW 8 HP2. We're waiting to go to NW 65 SP8 after we upgrade to eDir 8.8.3 in two weeks so that the tree will upgrade to 8.8.4 with the SP.

Thanks for any advice/help/direction you can point me in :o)