OK, step one of my little project is working. It was very simple - enable
connection sharing on the laptop with the broadband wireless connection,
assign the wired NIC on the laptop the same public IP as the LAN side of our
Internet router (which is to say, assign the wired NIC on the laptop the
address that's in INETCFG as the next hop on the default route) and, voila,
everyone can browse the Internet over this thing.

But I have a few questions:

1. When I set up the connection sharing, the first thing Windows did
automatically was set a static IP on the wired NIC of I
changed that to the above-mentioned public IP, but I did not supply a
default gateway, and it worked, anyway. When I do an IPCONFIG on that
workstation, even after a while, it still shows no gateway. I am assuming
that, in a functional sense, wireless broadband card's IP is functioning as
the default gateway and/or next hop for the wired NIC, but I'm curious as to
why it works at all. I don't know if this is a Windows-specific question of
a more general IP question. My guess is that it's a quirck of Windows and
connection sharing that it works at all, but I'd appreciate an explanation
if anyone has it.

2. When I do a tracert www.novell.com from a workstation, the first hop is
the primary IP on the BM server, and the next is the above-mentioned public
IP that's now the wired NIC in the laptop but used to be the LAN side of our
Internet router. But the next hop is already out past the laptop and onto
Verizon's network somewhere, and the static IP I have assigned to the
broadband wireless NIC doesn't show up as a hop. Is this again a Windows
and/or Verizon quirck or is there a better explanation?

Thanks in advance. (I know I really need to go take a CNE or other relevant
course to learn more about this stuff ... )