I have my GW8 GWIA running on Windows on the same server as the MTA for the domain it is in. The MTP port for the MTA is 7118. I have MTP for the GWIA set for 7119.

Here's my question... Mail is flowing fine, but I see on the GWIA HTTP console that the MTP Send status keeps flipping between open/closed with this:

Protocol error (B300)

The MTP Status for Receive stays open constantly, so I assume that is referring to port 7119. Port 7118 (I'm guessing) is already in use by the MTA and when the GWIA tries to use it that causes the protocol error.

So, since its Windows and two things can't use the same port, should I just modify the GWIA.CFG file and set /mtpoutport-0 or something?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!