I have been tasked with upgrading our NE 6.0 Sp5 BM3.8sp4 Bordermanager
Box to Netware 6.5 sp5. I was wondering if there are any gotchas to this
upgrade? I have a couple of questions along that line.

Frist, Should Bordermanager be unloaded while the upgrade is happening?

Second Will the upgrade have any effect on the current Bordermanager
install? We are running a simple client to site Ipsec Vpn and I am
wondering if the upgrade will have any effect on it.

We are currently running Imanager 2.02 and Edir8.7.3.7. Will The upgrade
install the latest Imanager during the upgrade?

Are there any things to watch out for?

Any advice on this is appreciated. Thanks in advance.