I currently have two BorderManager 3.7 (Netware 6) servers providing a
Server to Server VPN between my two offices. I am investigating a
private line between the offices.

Each server also provides proxy/firewall services for their respective
offices. The Master VPN server provides Client to Site VPN services.
Each office has its own subnet. The slave office is partitioned and
the slave BMgr is master of that partition.

If I go with the private line, I will have a couple of Cisco routers
connecting the private line to each office.

Could each office retain its subnet and addressing?
The BorderManager slave would not be needed anymore, so I could remove
the VPN and remove the server from eDirectory. The second office
would now only have one Netware 6 server. Would there be any reason
to keep the separate partition?
The second office users web browsers currently point to their own BMgr
proxy. I assume I just point them to the BMgr server at the main
office? It will continue to provide proxy/firewall services for the
whole company.

Any gotchas I need to consider when doing this?


Novell....it does a server good!