Hi there!

In some cases i need to put read/file scan-rights on the user "Public" on the directory on the application-networkshare (where the installation-files, like msi, is stored) becuase the built-in rights-giver under the Common tab > File rights does not work always.

Like when i use the Distribution Scripts under the Distribution Options tab, the system-user tries to access the application-networkshare but fails becuase hes not the current logged-in user and therefore fail with getting access to the files stored there. (since the bat-script is executed from the current logged-in users temp directory, on the local machine, and not from the zenwork itself)

And in this case ive been forced to but rights for the Public-user. Is that really a good solution, since with Public-access, everyone can get access to this networkshare, right?

Is there any better solution for my matter? (im aware of the solution i use, and use distribution scripts for an msi-installation isnt that brilliant, but i promise you, ive got my reasons, and i cant get it working with a couple of apps, so thats not the problem)

Thanks in advance