I've recently setup a new netware 6.5 sp5 and BM3.8 sp4 server. I've
set my packet filters to allow users access to outside ISP mail server.
Intermittantly, when a user tries to get their mail, they get a
message that they could not connect to the server (pop3.cxp.com). They
get this if I unload filters too. Oddly, the get message works
sometimes, too. During all of this, I can ping the mail server and
perform trace routes from both my PC and the BM server.

My default route on the bm server is the internet router on the public
IP side of BM. I have static routes to all of my internal networks with
the router on the same subnet as the private BM address.

I tried to do a tcp ip debug yesterday which hung up the console, so
when I came in this morning I did a tcp ip debug while the traffic was
not heavy, however, the conneciton to the mail server was successful so
I'm afraid the debug won't be much help.?

What would be a good next step in troubleshooting this problem?