we are not able to set set a pool to active state or to run nss /poolverify.

we are running nw65sp8 + n65nss8a on a netware cluster.
some cluster resources which were running ok for a long time become
inaccessible on one node. all nodes are identical configured with the
same driver versions etc. we can start the resources on another node.
some resources run without problems on all nodes. it is difficult to say
if we have a problem with the node or the resources.

CS06:nss /poolactivate=TESTVOL
Activating pool "TESTVOL"...

10 Jul 2009 11.45.11 NSS<COMN>-3.27a-689: comnPool.c[407]
Could not change pool TESTVOL to the ACTIVE state.
Status=20896 comnPool.c[890].
Use 'NSS /ErrorCode=20896' to obtain more information.

CS06:nss /poolverify=TESTVOL
VOLGWPO5BAK was not verified(status 20896).