I'm testing a NOWS SBE2 64 bit configuration and keep running into a strange problem. This has happened on 2 different boxes. I trying to set a server up with 2 NICs active, both of them using a static IP address. One uses a private internal IP address and the second a public IP address. When the server comes up only one of the cards will work.
It seems that whichever card loads first is the only active one.

If I look at the card settings in terminal mode using ifconfig, both show up, but only one of them will have its IP address.
That is, one will show the IP address and MAC address, the other card will only show the MAC address.

Which card gets its IP address appears to be the one that loads first as sometimes on boot up, the private IP is active, other times the public.

If I use ifconfig to down and restart the cards, the first one started will get an IP address, the second won't.

If I use ifconfig to down the card that has an IP address, the other card immediately shows up with its correct IP address.

Since I'm still running a NOWS SBE1 box with 2 NICs configured this way I know it can be done, and I've compared the NIC settings and the two systems are configured the same way.

Any ideas?