We run dhcp on a netware server. Under the subnet options it looks to our primary server for the nvlnbp.sys file. I.e. set boot parameter option is ticked, along with the IP and name of the primary and the boot file name.

Our primary server doesnt have the proxy-dhcp service running. The reason (to me) is that this would boff up dhcp if its running on both - am I wrong?

Im asking only because I dont understand how a pc knows where to look for work - particularly when running satellites too.

We've closest server rules set up but how would the pc (when pxe booting) get this info. Some sites look to the primary as default and some to a satellite (even though all subnets are configured with the same line to point to our primary as the pre-boot server.

Im not terribly ahead of the game in this regard (all my courses on ZCM tended to presume that dhcp was set up correctly) so any advice would be more than welcome