Just went into a problem while using policy groups for printers:
Group 1 has Policy A and Policy B
Group 2 has Policy A and Policy C (Policy A contains some central printers for floor or building)

A workstation gets Group 1 assigned, I get a user call about missing printers: I find the workstation should get printer from Policy C instead from B. So I remove the assignment of Group 1 and add Group 2 instead, refresh the workstation. What happens: Printers from both Policy A and B get removed, afterwards printers from Policy C appear. The agent claims he has both policies active and up to date.
I have to reboot the workstation to get the printers from Policy A back :|

Is it a general problem with policies (?) - as sharing the same policy in different groups makes things pretty easy - except for the needed reboot :(

I did not try a similar thing yet with policies sharing a printer - if it's a timing issue (like remove after add) it would be the same thing.

Any hints?