I am new with Netware 6.5, but have been managing novell networks for 15 years. I am trying to setup workstation print services. The server is running NW6.5SP7 and I an running iManager 2.7.0. This is what I have done in iPrint,

1. Created a Broker and install all of my printer drivers

2. Created a print manager

3. Created all of my network printers and assigned printer driver from the broker.

4. Loaded broker and NDPSM on the server.

At this point I should be able to install iPrint client on the workstation and setup a network printer on the workstation. This is the way I understand for the print services to work.

When I install a network printer using iPrint on a workstation it works untill I logout and it;s gone. So I went in a dn setup iPrint client manager. Now when I login as me I get all 16 network printer. This will not work, I need to be able to setup printer by workstation not by the client. I have 275 workstation and over 600 clients. We are a School and most of the users are not able top pick their printer so I need to assign the printer by workstation.

Please let me know what I am doing wrong, or what step I have missed.