We are having performance problems with our distributions lists. This
has been happening for about a month now. This is the strange part. It
is very slow in caching mode. It is only at one site.

GW Client 7 and 8 with Caching mode turned on.
NW6.5 SP8
GW8 HP2 on the server.

In caching mode, we open an address book. Opens fine. Click on any
distribution list in the left column and it the machine takes about 10+
seconds to refresh it. The system performance is bad in this time.

Strange thing is, if you are not connected to the network, it is fast
but the distribution lists are empty when you open them. It is like the
server is connecting real time somewhere when in caching mode to
populate the lists.

Next we start a new e-mail. Put the distribution list in the recipient
list. Start typing in the message body and the client just become
unresponsive from time to time for about 10-20 seconds. If you don't put
the distribution list in the recipient it is normal.

Any ideas?