Whenever I try to deploy an EXE via simple application, using either UNC or mapped drive, I keep getting an error that the path (or file) can't be found. Some apps I can create an MSI and they will run no problem, but I still have one C3PO for GroupWise that is installing the files and registry keys, but isn't creating the menu item that it is supposed to be creating in GroupWise.

I do have my system locked down so that it is supposed to be blocking most common installation EXE filenames, but in my testing environment I can deploy the app with elevated privileges, but as soon as I go to my production environment I start getting the error that it can't find the file. The kicker is that my test environment isn't any different from my production except for the physical PCs that I'm using and the user accounts. I've even tried logging in to my production user machines with my testing account and get the same message. Is this typical of trying to deploy an EXE or am I missing something?

An example of what I'm trying to do is to perform a silent installation of Firefox 3.5 to systems running version 3.0.x. They can't find the 3.5 EXE startup file, but have no problem finding the MSI, which are both in the same folder on my network.