Hi there,

I have been asked to investigate how to automatically logout Macintosh computers from Bordermanager.

Currently, all of our copies of Firefox and Safari on those computers have a Bordermanager logout bookmark (pointing to proxy:1959/cmd/BM-Logout.htm). However frequently users fail to click this before leaving the computer, which means the next user can use up the previous user's entire data allocation.

My line of thinking is that the answer lies in Macintosh login/logout hooks, which are simply command line scripts that run on login and logout. So my theory is if we can load the Bordermanager logout page from the command line, then we should be able to force a disconnection from the server when a user logs in or out.

I was going to experiment with using 'wget' but I thought I had better run it past the Bordermanager community first to see if someone had done this before, and if so, how did they do it?

Thanks in advance,