Please help... I'm stuck on LUM in the past few days without any progress at all.

I have 3 running servers: NW65(sp7) x 2 + SLES10(sp1) + OES2. The three have been running for over a year... and now I'm trying to install the 4th server with SLES 10 (sp2) + OES2 (sp1).

I'm able to get the eDir on the new server to work, and the 4 eDir sync with one another without any problem... and yet, namcd refuses to load and the followings is logged in /var/log/messages every time I start namcd manually:

Jul 13 16:05:21 Haydn namcd: SIGTTOU caught
Jul 13 16:05:21 Haydn namcd: SIGTTIN caught
Jul 13 16:05:21 Haydn namcd: SIGTSTP caught
Jul 13 16:05:21 Haydn /usr/sbin/namcd[16163]: Starting namcd..
Jul 13 16:05:21 Haydn /usr/sbin/namcd[16163]: namcd populating the user hash tables
Jul 13 16:05:21 Haydn /usr/sbin/namcd[16163]: User profile file cannot be opened/does not exist
Jul 13 16:05:21 Haydn /usr/sbin/namcd[16163]: Failed to populate user hash tables from file, namcd populating the hash tables from eDir
Jul 13 16:05:22 Haydn /usr/sbin/namcd[16163]: ldap_initconn: LDAP bind failed (error = [81]), trying to connect to alternative LDAP server
Jul 13 16:05:22 Haydn /usr/sbin/namcd[16163]: Unknown error returned reading configuration parameter: alternative-ldap-server-list
Jul 13 16:05:22 Haydn /usr/sbin/namcd[16163]: _nds_nss_struct_init: Error [226] in _nds_ldap_private_struct_init.
Jul 13 16:05:22 Haydn /usr/sbin/namcd[16163]: Problem in namcd initialization, exiting...
Jul 13 16:05:24 Haydn /usr/sbin/namcd[16163]: Deleted hash tables and flushed data into local files
Jul 13 16:05:24 Haydn /usr/sbin/namcd[16163]: Deinitialized threads

In addition, the following line appears in the log every 15 minutes

Jul 13 16:15:01 Haydn cron[20436]: nds_nss_GetGroupsbyMember: failed to init socket, status = 0

I've tried/reinstalled/reconfigured.... and I really don't have a clue on how to debug the problem. Would somebody please kindly shed light on me...